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Fog Free Bathroom Mirrors

It may seem like a very small improvement but ask anyone with a fog free mirror and they will tell you just what a difference it can make. Your bathroom mirror will mist up when the glass is cooler than the surrounding moist air and small water droplets form on the surface. A fog free mirror raises the temperature of the glass to prevent the formation of water droplets giving you a clear view.

How Does a Fog Free Mirror Work

The key thing to remember when considering a fog free mirror is that it will require power. Installing the power supply for your new mirror is not a big job but we recommend you hire a professional to carry out the work. The big advantage of supplying your mirror with power means you can incorporate illumination which will further improve visibility. Most fog free mirrors work by having a demister pad attached to the back of the glass that gently warms up and distributes heat across the reflective surface to prevent misting.

If you are considering fitting a fog free mirror in your bathroom but aren’t sure if it would be right for you our friendly team are just a phone call away. They can help you decide which mirror would be right for you and even process the order for you and arrange delivery. Call us now on 03300 882 803.


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