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How to Unplug Your Bathroom Sink

Unplugging or unblocking a bathroom sink isn’t something which many homeowners look forward to, but you can skip calling a professional and do it yourself to save a bit of money. It might not be a particularly pleasant task, but it should only take around 15-30 minutes, and it’s a skill worth learning especially because your new sink will be a beautiful new addition.

Step 1:  Prepare the Area      

First, take everything out from beneath your sink. This doesn’t just mean the area directly beneath the u-pipe, but the whole surrounding space. Now that your magazines and toiletries are out of the way, place a large plastic tub down instead. A bucket can also be used, but a shallow tub makes it easier to manoeuvre your hands and arms.  

Step 2: Remove and Clean the Pipes

You’ll need to start with the u-pipe. Carefully remove it, going slowly to prevent any water or unpleasant contaminants from streaming out. The bend in this pipe means you’ll have to work a little harder to clean out the hair, grime, and other contaminants, but make sure you take the time to ensure that it’s clean the whole way through.

Next, slide the tailpiece down from the upper drain pipe –this may need to be unscrewed. The best way to clean the inside is with an old toothbrush. Push everything out until there’s nothing sticking to the sides. Repeat the process by cleaning up inside the sink drain pipe itself.

Step 3: Remove and Clean the Stopper

Most modern bathrooms use a mechanical stopper in place of a traditional plug. You should be able to lift yours straight out; if not, find the connecting rod at the back of the pipe, then unscrew it and lift the stopper free. Now, clean it until it sparkles, then use your old toothbrush to push anything left in the drain down into the tub below.

Step 4: Reconnect and Check

Now that everything is clean, you just need to reconnect your pipes and stopper. Finally, run the water for a minute or two to make sure that there aren’t any leaks. Tighten up your pipes until the seal is complete.

Your bathroom sink should now be running clean. All that’s left to do is brag about your handiwork.

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