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How to Create a Spa-Style Bathroom

As lovely as it is to visit a spa for a bit of indulgence, leaving is always a little difficult. Luckily, making a few changes to your own bathroom can help create a little slice of spa-style luxury in your very own home. Here’s how to transform a basic bathroom into your own personal nirvana.

Install a Whirlpool Bath

Few bathroom fixtures are as tempting as a whirlpool bath. Sinking into the hot water after a long day at work to be massaged by gentle jets is a fantastic way to relax away your evening. The pressure makes you feel weightless, and even helps cleanse your skin and sooth your tired muscles, so whirlpool baths are a perfect way to bring the spa back home.

Fix a Heated Towel Rail

Spas aim to make everything as soft and comfortable as possible, and you can recreate that attention to relaxation by installing a heated towel rail in your bathroom. A heated towel rail will ensure that your towels remain toasty warm and free from moisture, so you’ll never have to dry yourself off with a wet, cold one again. Invest in a fluffy dressing gown and a nice pair of slippers for added comfort.

Consider Underfloor Heating     

If you’re fully renovating your bathroom, consider laying down underfloor heating. The warmth rises up evenly across the room, and stops you from laying your feet down on a cold surface when you step inside. It can also be more efficient than regular heating. Spas don’t tend to have cold floors, and this is a great way to make sure that you don’t either.

Attend to Your Senses

Spas take great pains to ensure that their facilities look, smell, and feel as luxurious as possible. Burn a candle or stick of incense to create the right mood, and make sure your space looks as inviting as possible by clearing away clutter, and adopting a simple décor with plenty of earth tones. At the same time, don’t be afraid to include a larger piece of artwork to help set the mood.

Turning your everyday bathroom into a spa-style environment might seem tricky, but all you need to do is make a few simple changes.

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