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How to Clean Your Whirlpool Bath

Whirlpool baths are one of the most indulgent items which you can include in your home, but there’s no denying that they present a slightly greater challenge than normal tubs when it comes to cleaning.

After all, there are more crevices due to the number of pipes and jets, and gunk tends to collect there. Cleaning that gunk away by hand certainly robs the whirlpool bath of some of its luxury, and it isn’t even very easy to do. However, there is luckily a quick, easy, and painless way to keep those jets clean.

This method doesn’t even come at a high expense; all you’ll need are some basic household ingredients. Find some dishwashing liquid which is low-sudsing (one which doesn’t produce a huge amount of foam), some bleach, a bottle brush, and some dental floss. You’re now ready to go.

Start by filling the tub until each jet is submerged beneath around 2-3 inches of hot water – the hotter the better. Now you can add two tablespoons of your low-sudsing dishwashing liquid and half a cup of bleach. Alternatively, you can keep things eco-friendly by using one cup of white vinegar instead of the bleach.

The next part is easy, just run your whirlpool bath’s jets for around 15 minutes. You can now empty the tub, refill it to the same depth using cold water instead of hot, and then turn on the jets for a further 10 minutes. Drain it once again, rinsing well – preferably with a detachable showerhead – in order to do away with as much gunk as possible.

This should have naturally removed most of that unpleasant build-up, but you might as well give the tub a quick deep clean, using your bottle brush on the jets to remove anything still lurking within. If there’s any dirt around the jet covers, just break out your dental floss and go at it from behind.

Of course, it’s always worth checking the manufacturer's manual to make sure that none of these cleaning methods are advised against. However, you should find that this takes care of the majority of whirlpool baths.

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