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How To Create A Hygienic Bathroom On A Budget

How To Create A Hygenic Bathroom On A Budget

Most people agree that every room in the house should be as hygienic as possible, but how can you get that done on a budget? Here’s a number of cheap accessories which you can use to make your bathroom more hygienic.

A Soap Dispenser

Research has demonstrated that liquid and foam soaps are better at stopping the spread of germs than traditional bar soap. This is partly because of the formula, but it also helps that the soap isn’t used by various different people and exposed to everything around the sink.

With a liquid soap dispenser, you can also choose to use more modern products. For example, hand sanitizing gel – which uses alcohol to rid your skin of germs – is more effective than traditional soap, and it leaves your hands feeling both dry and fresh.

Some Towel Hooks

One of the biggest hygiene problems in modern bathrooms is the growth of mould. This is because bathrooms are typically quite small, and, obviously, often filled with moisture. That makes an ideal place for mould to thrive, but one simple way of fighting back is by installing a towel hook.

Why? Because towels left lying on the floor after they’ve been used can encourage the development of mould. This is because they won’t dry properly, instead creating higher levels of moisture in the room. If you don’t have a place to hang your towels, it’s time to install some towel hooks or alternatively, a heated towel rail which works out to be a great long term investment.

A Wall-Mounted Toothbrush Holder

Most people simply place their toothbrush next to the sink, but this can make it easier for germs to transfer onto the bristles. It also means that you’re more likely to knock yours onto the floor; the five-second rule doesn’t count in this case, your bathroom floor is not exactly the most hygienic location, and your toothbrush will need to be thrown away.

Buy a wall-mounted toothbrush holder instead of leaving yours to the side. This is also more hygienic than buying an air-tight plastic container – toothbrushes can’t dry out in these, something which encourages the growth of bacteria.

Just install these accessories, and you’ll have a more hygienic bathroom without having to break the bank.  


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