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Four Questions to Ask When You’re Planning an Ensuite

Four Questions to Ask When You’re Planning an Ensuite

Adding an ensuite bathroom could be one of the smartest renovations you can make. It provides a private space away from the rest of the household and will almost always add value to your property. However, planning one can be tricky, so take the time to answer these four simple questions before you get stuck in.

1. Do You Need a Whole New Room?

If you’re already blessed with a large bathroom which shares a wall with your bedroom, it might be easier to simply portion off a section with a new wall in order to create two separate rooms. You’ll still need to think about plumbing, ventilation, and electrical outlets, but this can be a great option. Remember to use sliding panels and folding doors to make the most of the available space.

2. Do You Want a Bath or a Shower?

You might fancy adding a second bath, but this is not normally needed if you already have a master bathroom. A shower enclosure is preferable, and you can make it more luxurious than the simple shower-over-bath which comes in most bathrooms. Try making the enclosure run the whole length of the wall, and add a rainfall showerhead for a more relaxing wash.

3. How Large is the Room?

Ensuites are generally small, so you’re going to have to take measurements and make sure you utilise every inch. If your ensuite will be on the small side, use a large mirror to open up the room, and try to use paler colours and glass panelling. You might also consider bringing down a high ceiling, as these can make a small room appear claustrophobic. If the room will be very small, remember to consider all of your storage needs before you start looking at fixtures.

4. How Would You Like it to Look?

Now that the practical stuff is out of the way, you can decide on decoration. Most people prefer for the ensuite to blend in with the design scheme of the bedroom itself, so take that into account when you’re considering how the room will look. It helps to pick an overriding style before you begin, such as minimalist, vintage, or modern.


You should now have a stronger understanding of how to plan your ensuite. Keep all these points in mind, and you’ll never go far wrong.


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