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Britton Toilets

Britton’s range of toilets and sanitary ware features all the hallmarks of the company’s dedication to simplistic elegance in design. Appearance is not, however, the be all and end all of these units because practicality, build quality and longevity abound. Creating an ultra-modern look in any space while providing years of flawless service are just the top of the iceberg. Looking beneath the smooth, glossy finish you’ll find innovative and efficient technology that fits seamlessly and can greatly reduce the lifetime running costs of your bathroom.

Once you have settled on the Britton toilet you want and have chosen from the back to wall, close coupled or hidden cistern models you can further reinforce the design aesthetic by choosing additional Britton bathroom furniture, mirrors, taps and accessories to complete the look. Take a look at the rest of the range to see how endless the possible combinations of complementary Britton products are.

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