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Meet the team - Rob - Customer Services Superstar

As part of the process of getting to know our customers and what they need, we feel it important that customers get to know us and hopefully learn to trust us as well. In an occasional addition to the blog we plan to conduct interviews with the staff to let you know some of the things that make us Soakers! The first interview is with one of our stars from Customer Services - Rob.

So Rob, what is your role at Soakology? I work in customers services where I correspond to all customer enquiries ranging from simple product questions to sales processes right through to seeing the return of an item. 

How is Soakology different from other companies in your industry? The culture is different. The team at Soakology really focus on making sure every customer is happy. We offer a wide range of products from £10 up to £15,000 meaning we can cater to all of the market. We have some awesome quality freestanding baths that fly off the shelves too because the designs are so great and the price is right.

What does a typical day look like for you? I start my day with prioritising the emails as a customer may be half way through an installation and needs to have something resolved pronto. Soakology customer services work together to sync all deliveries and answer all queries within a satisfactory time frame.

What do you enjoy most about your role? I enjoy the office atmosphere which is created through out the team. The pace of the job is mentally stimulating plus we get goodies on staff birthday's. It's great to have nice things to eat almost every week! 

Do you have any funny stories or favourite memories from your job? I had answered the phone and did my lovely greeting with the completely wrong name. Just as I was about to say "... Rob Speaking", my colleague mentioned a name out loud "John" and I instantly said "John speaking". The office went into fits of laughter and throughout the phone call I was forever known as John! Also I am on the website - well my body is anyway - a little known fact is that I was asked to model the towels and dressing gowns!

What is your favourite bathroom item/ Soakology product? I love the look of the Arcade Albany Bath. It's a great shape with a unique design. Great product and would compliment any bathroom.

Thanks Rob we appreciate you taking the time to share!


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