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Laurence Pidgeon’s fantastic Wet range

If you are looking for modern, innovative designs combining functionality with the latest technology then the name that is probably on your tongue is Laurence Pidgeon. It is already an important name in the bathroom and kitchen industries as he is behind some of the biggest brands such as Agape and Boffi.

Many of Laurence Pidgeon’s products are somewhat of a masterpiece, whilst being completely designed with the user’s needs and desires in mind. One of the new lines to keep an eye out for is Wet, which features a range of basins, baths and brassware in a variety of bright colours and designs. The products are aesthetically pleasing in this very fun and playful range intended to brighten up any bathroom with its use of LED lighting and recyclable materials. It may not be to everyone’s taste but most people would agree that it still looks fantastic.

Why shouldn’t the bathroom be a well designed room with an interesting or quirky style… it certainly would enhance the monotonous daily routine on those gloomy mornings.

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