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Do your homework and don’t put your home at risk

We have all noticed the change in weather, the shorts are pushed to the back of your wardrobe and the suncream hidden so you aren’t reminded of those sunny days you spent on the beach just a few weeks ago every time you open your cupboard. Aside from the obvious changes taking place there are also the ones that aren’t as noticeable until they cause something to go awry such as boiler and plumbing problems.

One thing to stress is that no matter how urgent you feel an issue is you should always use a reliable tradesperson otherwise you risk wasting money or making the hindering the situation. An article online from The Independent on 11th October reports of a staggering 72% increase in the number of house calls for tradesmen relating to boiler problems.

Many homeowners; especially over recent years where people have been put off spending due to the economic downturn; are reluctant to pay more money for a registered plumber to come and fix their problem, instead they are opting for the cheaper alternative who may not even be qualified to address the situation. It is important that homeowners recognise the risks associated with choosing a plumber without doing sufficient research beforehand.

- If the plumber you choose is unqualified and therefore is unable to complete your job you may need to hire a professional which means you are paying the higher price that you were trying to avoid in the first place as well as paying the first plumber to take a look.

- A worse scenario would be if the unqualified plumber who attempts to solve your problem in fact makes the situation a whole lot worse, you then have an even bigger problem to contend with which will no doubt be more costly.

- In the UK we are very lucky in the fact that we don’t need to worry about where our water comes from and whether it is safe for consumption- it’s a given that when you turn on the tap you can drink the water straight from the tap as it comes. However, there is the risk that if your plumber really has no clue what he is doing he may end up contaminating your water supply posing a hazard to your health.

If you are unsure how to find a tradesperson who is qualified and registered there are a number of websites available to help you, and to name a few to get you started. Reliable word of mouth recommendations are also a good way to assess whether you will be getting a good job for your money.

The key thing to remember is to do your research before rushing in and hiring the first person you bump into on the high street who just so happens to have studied plumbing at college (…back in 1975 and hasn’t touched stop valve since!).

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