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A Quick Guide To Choosing The Right Taps

Have you ever been shopping for taps? If so, you will know that there are many styles to choose from. And while such a wide variety of shapes and styles means you are almost guaranteed to find something that suits your needs, it can also prove to be overwhelming. Considerations to bear in mind include water pressure, valves and water systems, as well as the type of basin and bath in your bathroom. So where do you start? Our quick guide to taps will give you the basics so you are ready to make your purchase.

Pillar taps

These are what you may consider 'standard' taps. Two taps - one producing hot water and the other producing cold.

Mixer taps

Rather than being two separate taps, mixer taps are one unit that combines hot and cold water before it flows from a single spout. These are designed to make getting the right water temperature easier. They also prevent scalding water running from the tap - especially handy when you have young children. Mixer taps come in a variety of shapes and designs.

Deck-mounted taps

These are taps that are fixed to the bath or basin and can be different styles - pillar or mixer taps.

Wall-mounted taps

Rather than having taps fixed to the edge of your bath or basin you may want to have them attached to the wall instead. These taps will give any bathroom a sleeker, less cluttered look but can be more of a challenge to intall than the deck-mounted version.

Freestanding taps

As roll-top baths become more popular and bathroom design becomes more daring, freestanding taps are playing their part in bathroom style. Fixed to the floor, they give you more freedom to place your baths and taps wherever you fancy.

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