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Slipper Baths

The traditional appearance of many slipper baths is not simply and aesthetic choice on the part of the designer. The slipper bath dates back to the Victorian era when people would bath in public washrooms. A high ended slipper bath offered additional privacy as well as the practicality of having one end to rest against. Modern versions of this iconic shape retain the design but have a much wider range of styles to suit any bathroom.

Slipper Bath Designs

The traditional slipper bath is freestanding on ornate feet with one elevated end and taps situated in the shallow end. The classic appearance of the freestanding slipper bath has been through many design iterations over the centuries and ultra-modern versions now exist that are perfectly at home in the most minimal, chic bathrooms.

Not only has the appearance of the tub changed through the years but modern materials and manufacturing techniques have made them lighter, better able to retain heat and easier to clean. There was a time when having a slipper bath meant reinforcing floor joists and extending plumbing to place the tub in the middle of the room. The modern slipper bath is far more versatile, easier to live with and has a greater number of options and configurations than ever before.


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