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Freestanding Baths

A stylish collection of freestanding baths from Carron, Burlington, Imperial and Royce Morgan. The range includes modern and traditional freestanding baths, slipper baths and roll top baths, contemporary baths and back to wall baths and small freestanding baths. These models are the pinnacle of bathroom design for your home project whetehr it's a rejuvenation, renovation or new build. We're sure you'll be pleased with the quality of all our baths, and with the large range of freestanding baths to suit all budgets.

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Choosing a Freestanding Bath

Freestanding baths, without a doubt, are the most aesthetically pleasing for your bathroom! There are a few considerations you should take into account when choosing the most appropriate option for your room design and for your plumbing. Firstly, there is the basic choice between traditional and modern designs. Traditional models tend to require chrome exposed fittings, whereas modern options often (although not always) have a skirt around the outside allowing for less expensive concealed wastes to be used. Secondly, there is the choice between single ended baths (with one slope in the bath) or double ended baths (with a slope at each end of the tub). If you have a symmetrical bathroom design the double ended freestanding bath will be the logical choice. The size of your bathroom will most likely be the deciding factor wheen choosing your new tub as free standing versions require enough surrounding space to allow for access, cleaning and to provide the desired look.

Installing a Freestanding Bath

When planning the installation of your freestanding bath you need to consider the position of the waste and water supply. Generally, the waste outlet should be as close as possible to the plug hole - either in the floor below or out through a neighbouring wall. Chrome pipe is available to take the waste water away however, the standard length of this pipe is only around 550mm. Then you need to decide whether to have deck mounted, freestanding or wall hung bath taps. Many freestanding baths do not have a thick enough or flat enough ledge to take deck mounted taps and, in some, the ledge will also be too thick to allow for many wall mounted options. Measure carefully before selecting your brassware. If your chosen model of tub has exposed legs you may need to consider bath shrouds or pipe stands. Some models will support the weight of the taps enabling them to freestand but others will just cover the copper water supply pipes, so make sure of which one you are looking at before you buy. Whatever your needs, Soakology has something for you in our extensive range, so why not shop with us or call us today


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