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1600mm Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths, whether in a traditional or contemporary style, are great-looking features, designed to make your bathing experience one to look forward to. Incredibly attractive, these types of baths come in an expansive range of different styles, as well as a wide selection of different shapes and sizes. If you have a medium sized bathroom, the freestanding baths shown on this page are ideal, at 63 inches in size. This means they’re the perfect solution for a modestly sized bathroom.

Bathroom renovations can be an exciting experience, giving you the opportunity to completely transform your bathroom space into a relaxing haven that flawlessly reflects your personal tastes and requirements. Whether you're renovating your bathroom because your old one is tired, or simply because you require a more functional space, adding a freestanding bath to the mix is guaranteed to excite, with the addition also having the potential to solve some of your problems. Our range of 63-inch sized freestanding baths varies in price and style. This size of bath could be a traditional roll top bath, or a single ended slipper bath in a modern design. Whatever the look you desire for your new freestanding bath, we’re bound to have an attractive design in the size you need. At Soakology we pride ourselves on providing the very best in innovative bathroom equipment, whether you need a small freestanding bath for solo relaxation, or a large double ended option for family bathtimes. Whatever your needs, we can make them happen.  The range of freestanding baths available today is extensive, featuring a long list of possible materials that your future bath could be made of, as well as a range of colours and shapes. To find out whether we have the right sized freestanding bath for you simply view the options below or contact our friendly team. 


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