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Small Freestanding Baths (1400mm)

If you’re looking to have a complete bathroom redesign, or simply wish to add a new bath to your pre-existing bathroom, then you’re bound to be considering all the different types of bath products that are on offer to try and find the ideal solution for you. Installing a freestanding bath may be the best and easiest way to add immediate elegance and sophistication to your bathroom, whether new or old. Our range of freestanding baths at a size of 55 inches covers both traditional and contemporary freestanding baths. These are available in a selection of different styles, materials and colours so that you have the option to choose the perfect freestanding bath for you and your home.

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Typically, freestanding baths are on the larger side of bathroom fittings, meaning they are designed to take centre stage in those bathrooms with plenty of space available. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not a suitable option for small bathrooms. Many modern freestanding baths have been designed with different sized homes in mind. If you’re looking for a small freestanding bath, then look no further, as at Soakology we pride ourselves on being able to offer all our customers a solution to their bathroom problems. On this page, you can view our range of small freestanding baths, designed specifically to make the most of smaller bathroom spaces. Just because your bathroom may be smaller than what is usually required to install a freestanding bath, this doesn't mean you will have to change your mind about the type of bath you will be investing in.  To find out more about the different sizes of freestanding baths we have available at Soakology, simply navigate between the different sizing options in the tabs to the left-hand side. Alternatively, you can contact our friendly team via chat, email or telephone for expert bathroom advice.


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