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Double Ended Baths

Double ended freestanding baths come in both traditional and contemporary styles, meaning you’re bound to find the perfect bath to match your décor. Available in curved, square, rectangular and round shapes, your new bath will be able to match the existing aesthetic of your bathroom perfectly. They also come in different materials, so if you require something specific of your future bath, such as the ability to clean it easily, then look no further. 

Freestanding baths have been a well-regarded style for a long time, but recently they’ve experienced a resurgence in popularity. This is because they are capable of making an extremely strong style statement in the bathroom, creating a piece of visual interest that attracts attention. There area wide selection of different styles of freestanding baths available on the market, differing in style, size, shape, aesthetic and material. These different baths have their own unique features and benefits, such as slipper baths, which are a style of freestanding bath suited to smaller spaces, that would otherwise be unable to accommodate this type of bathroom fitting. However, if you do have the space to fit a truly luxurious bath then it’s likely you’re looking for something a little larger. In these circumstances a double ended freestanding bath is the perfect choice, having the ability to hold a lot of water for a relaxing soak and having a lovely, balanced symmetrical appearance. In these types of baths, the taps are usually located in the middle, meaning both ends are free for two people to relax at the same time. This also means they're the perfect solution for bathing children, as the lack of taps located at awkward bath ends means there's no bumping of heads and enough space for all. At Soakology we’re committed to providing our customers with the very best in bathroom innovation. To get your double ended freestanding bath simply contact us today.


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