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Acrylic Baths

A freestanding bath is an investment piece for your bathroom, creating the perfect focal point and transforming the space into one that is instantly more stylish. If you're thinking about buying a freestanding bath, there's a range of things to consider including weight, style, material and your budget. These different factors will help you to make a considered judgement on which freestanding bath is the perfect option for you. Acrylic has a long list of benefits beyond being cost-effective, which make this bath material choice the ideal solution. 

If you have a more limited budget, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get a freestanding bath for your home. In fact, investing in an acrylic freestanding bath will be particularly economical, as well as providing you with a modern feature that will last for years to come. Acrylic baths are made from re-enforced, antibacterial, non-porous sheets, which mean there is no risk your bath will absorb any water or cleaning products. These sheets have an even, glasslike finish, meaning they’re incredibly smooth to the touch and have consistent colour throughout the product.  The structure of these sheets means that acrylic baths can be moulded into a wide variety of different shapes and fashions. From rectangular, contemporary styles, to more traditional designs, such as slipper or bateau freestanding baths. No matter the style of freestanding bath you’re hoping to install in your bathroom, we’re bound to have the perfect acrylic solution for you.  To find your ideal acrylic freestanding bath, simply view the different products on this page. The tabs to the left-hand side of the page can be used to filter your selection if you have something specific in mind such as colour or shape. For any further information on this type of freestanding bath, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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