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Wall Mounted Basins

Bathroom fixtures, such as bathroom basins come in a wide range of innovative styles, shapes, colours and materials and each one has their own benefits. This is no different for bathroom basins, which are an integral part of your bathroom whether it’s a traditional bathroom or a simple washroom. At Soakology, we have a collection of stylish wall mounted basins, sourced from Burlington, Britton, Imperial, and Soakology. The range consists of square and round wall mounted sinks, as well as a wide selection of wall mounted vanity and semi pedestal sinks. All of these options are ideal for the bathroom, no matter what style you decide to opt for.

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If you’re looking for the ideal wall basin for your bathroom then look no further; on this page, you can view our wide selection of different wall basins, suitable for any bathroom. No matter the size or shape of your bathroom, we have the right sink for you. If you have a particularly small bathroom, or need a small sink for use in a separate toilet then we have a variety of suitable options. From cloakroom basins, ideal for just washing hands, to floating sinks with inbuilt shelves for those bathrooms compromised on space.

If, however, you have a bit more space to work with in your bathroom, then our larger wall basins will make beneficial use of the area you have. Most of these fixtures also have built in storage options, meaning your bathroom necessities can be easily stowed away. These styles usually have storage in the form of a drawer or two underneath the basin itself. They are also available in a beech effect style or a white design, meaning they will complement the décor in the majority of bathrooms.

For advice on which of our wall hung basins would be your perfect solution then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 03300 882 803.


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