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Bathroom Worktops

Bathroom worktops have to be able to stand up to years of humidity and moisture without being compromised. A normal kitchen worktop would not be able to resist the rigours of life in the bathroom and could end up swollen, bubbled and smelling damp…

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What is Special about a Bathroom Worktop?

A bathroom worktop or countertop for a bathroom cabinet are created specifically to deal with the environment in which they will live. Often foil wrapped and sealed they are capable of withstanding the dampest of conditions without being compromised by water ingress that could lead to mold and rot.

Which Bathroom Worktop to Choose

Bathroom furniture and cabinet manufacturers often have complementary worktops that suit their products but this doesn’t mean you have to choose them. If you have a specific colour or finish in mind it is usually possible to find the specific product you need though if for some reason you don’t see it here give us a call on 03300 882 803 to discuss your options. You can also buy the necessary care kits to keep your new bathroom worktop surfaces and joints in tip top condition.


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