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Semi Recessed Basins

One of the most popular sink options now available are semi recessed basins. There is a wide range of different sink varieties depending on the needs you have and the look you wish to achieve in your home. This spans from traditional pedestal sinks right through to sleek inset basins. However, this type of bathroom sink is incredibly stylish, partially protruding from the recess it is installed in without disrupting the polished look of your bathroom. With a range of options from brands such as Britton, Burlington, and Soakology there’s bound to be a basin style that is the right one for you.

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Semi recessed basins are installed in such a way that the majority of the sink bowl is recessed, while the lip of the sink hangs over the edge. This style creates a unique and interesting bathroom fixture, giving an otherwise plain space an extra bit of style. Another great benefit of this style is that they’re extremely practical. Their protruding lip means children can use them much more easily than some other sink styles, and they’re also particularly easy to clean and maintain over time.

If you have a small bathroom, or simply don’t have much room for a sink in the space that you do have, then a semi recessed basin can be placed on the narrowest of countertops. This minimalism is great in smaller environments but it also means there is more surface area for you to use than what can be expected from other sink styles. For further information on the semi recessed basins we stock, including what style is best for you and what material would be ideal for your bathroom, then please get in touch. To do so simply call us on 0300 882 803 to talk to our friendly team of bathroom experts.


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