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Aqualisa showers are among the best you can buy and their quality is the result of many years of experience in designing and manufacturing electric and power showers. For over 40 years Aqualisa have been innovating, inspiring and improving the way people in the UK shower. The company uses the motto “a great day starts with a great shower” and that is hard to deny. Getting the start of your day right can have a knock on effect that lasts all day long and can leave you in a much better mood overall.

Aqualisa electric showers have some incredible features that you simply will not find on the average shower. From inventing the Bi-Metallic Coil to creating shower remote controls the results speak for themselves. Aqualisa spent time researching what we all really want from our shower experience and have been continuously striving to provide it. If you are searching for a new shower that is simply a step above the rest an Aqualisa shower is the right choice.

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